Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens Book One Well, this will actually be my first time doing a review on a comic book.

This comic is actually very special to me, it’s one of the first “big” things my boyfriend at the time (now husband) got me. And besides the fact that Catwoman is my personal favorite lady in the majority of the comic book universe (not just the DC one) plus Harley and Ivy for a little extra punch and you know it’s going to be a fun little series. It was a little silly but it reminded me of Gotham Girls and I loved that. A good comic book (or graphic novel in this case) is the perfect way to spend a Sunday after noon.

Now, the actual stories in each chapter (volume) are fun and left me reading as much as I could- and I adore the art in the New 52 series.


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