No one expects to run out of love.
We fall for neighbors, strangers, celebrities, and gods, but we rarely consider the consequences of being so careless with our own hearts.

To Demi Harper, the thought of running out of love is nothing more than a cautionary tale told by her older sister, to protect her from heartache. But the loss of the only person in the world who loves her in return proves that it may not be so ridiculous a thought, after all.

A gasp, a pain, and a foreboding silence within her chest leads Demi to a dark place, outside of possibility and time: Yesterwary, the land of fallen hopes. Void of happiness and love, the town is filled with reminders of everything that is left behind by those who give their hearts to those who do not want them.

This was an easy 5 star review. I honestly could not put this book down. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

This story is about a writer who wastes all her love and ends out transported to another world-type-thing. A very interesting idea in my opinion.
The story started off a little slow, but I quickly got into it. It wasn’t what I was expecting when I went into it but it was such a great surprise! It kinda reminded me a bit of Corpse Bride in the way that someone got transported to another world type thing that could be seen as gloomy and ended out finding their happiness.
The thing I really loved this book is that I felt it showed the importance of books.
The characters were great and I ate this book up. I’m pretty sure I read it in less than 12 hours. As far as main characters go, I was happy with Demi. She was the kind of character I wanted to root for.

There were a couple dry moments, some filler and a few moments where the main characters made me cringe because of their choices- but I feel like that happens in every book.

I also want to let the lovely author know that I want to read more about Yesterwary!


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