The Outsider by Marvin Mcintyre And Jamie Mcintyre

The Outsider: Invest in AmericaImagine the political outsider, a multi -billionaire with the ability to self-fund a campaign, upending the Republican party, manufacturing public sentiment, and changing the course of policies in our country forever. Spinning a web of coercion, manipulation, and inside information, this former hedge fund manager deals his own house of cards to ruthlessly transform the political landscape.

Veteran finical advisor Mac McGregor thought his nightmare was over. But his nemesis, Jeremy Lyons, wakes from an assassin-induced coma in ti me to be elected to the United States Senate. This man, whose sealed past is a collage of insider dealings, tortured victims, and murder, now has real power. And he is just getting started.

A brilliant tactician, Lyons plots the ultimate revenge against his would-be assassin, while simultaneously playing on the weaknesses and foibles of Congressional leaders to bend them to his will. As he controls social media, Lyons trumps all conventions and rules of political correctness. In a bitter battle, the establishment seems destined to win, but this outsider doesn’t play by their rules.

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Early Praise for The Outsider

“An adrenaline-charged thriller with a conscience.”

David Baldacci

Author of 32 New York Times Best Selling Novels

* * *

“Marvin McIntyre’s final volume of his trilogy transports the reader on a wild insider’s ride through Washington’s intrigue and maneuverings. The Outsider spins a compelling yarn of politics and policy that keeps us engrossed and reminds us that there’s always a reason to be optimistic. A great read!”

Ed Feulner

Founder, President of The Heritage Foundation 1977-2013


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