On Top of The World by David Lamb

On Top Of The World: (Until The Bell Chimes) by [Lamb, David]5 stars

The Devil doesn’t wear Prada, he wears Sean John and I was the idiot who taught him how to shop.

Right from page one it drew me in. I mean, really don’t you want to know what comes after that line ^ because I sure did. I was flipping pages faster than I knew it, wanting to know more, wanting to read what would happen next, but more than anything I liked the authors tone of voice- I wanted to read more from David. Now, this is the kind of book I like to read when I have a day or two off that I can sit down and read something light. Something that keeps me entertained- something chick flicky. That’s right. I said it. I like ChickLit and I’m not ashamed. It took me 88 pages to feel anything close to positive about Scrooje, but that did make it so much better once he started to become an appealing hero that you actually wanted to root for.
Belle was cleaver, fun, and feisty. Everything I like in a heroine and I liked her.

Going into this book I knew this was a modern re-telling (something that I can never say no to!) but I had no clue what it was a modern re-telling of (spoiler: It’s a Christmas classic!) and when I began to realize it, I was so excited I almost squealed. Luckily for my husband, I didn’t!

But, like all books there’s gotta be a little bad, right? Well, for me, there was a lot of telling in the first chapter, but I still really enjoyed it, and I wanted to keep going- I wasn’t surprised at all when I finished this book in less than a day.
I already have this on my Christmas list for a few friends and family!



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