Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett

Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell, #1)Being the spawn of two infamous occultists (and alleged murderers) isn’t easy, but freewheeling magician Arcadia “Cady” Bell knows how to make the best of a crummy situation. After hiding out for seven years, she’s carved an incognito niche for herself slinging drinks at the demon-friendly Tambuku Tiki Lounge.

But she receives an ultimatum when unexpected surveillance footage of her notorious parents surfaces: either prove their innocence or surrender herself. Unfortunately, the only witness to the crimes was an elusive Æthyric demon, and Cady has no idea how to find it. She teams up with Lon Butler, an enigmatic demonologist with a special talent for sexual spells and an arcane library of priceless stolen grimoires. Their research soon escalates into a storm of conflict involving missing police evidence, the decadent Hellfire Club, a ruthless bounty hunter, and a powerful occult society that operates way outside the law. If Cady can’t clear her family name soon, she’ll be forced to sacrifice her own life . . . and no amount of running will save her this time.

Rating: 5 stars. This book kept me going until the very end!
 I had a really hard time deciding if I was going to review this or not. I really liked the way it started out and I really loved the way the author wrote everything, but I didn’t think  I was going to like the main plot. But honestly. I loved this book.
Like really, I couldn’t put it down.
There were about two things I didn’t like in this, so I’m going to get them right out of the way:
  1. I didn’t like the fact that Candy (our main character) seemed to really dislike Lon (the love interest) at first. To me, it just didn’t seem like her reasons not to like him were… very good.
  1. There is a quick moment were Lon over reacts. Though it is done in a way that is very understandable it still left me going “Oh god, don’t be stupid man!”
And that’s it! Which is a big deal for me because I’m so freakin nitpicky about books I normally find at least five things I didn’t like with in the first chapter!
Anyways, let’s move onto everything that I loved about this book.
I’m going to start off with two large aspects of the book, the magic in the world and the magic society in the world. I loved them both. I felt like the magic used in this world wasn’t something I have read about in all the other books I’ve read but it didn’t try too hard to be original.
I like both the main characters, and I felt all the side characters were done well. I love the fact that Candy has a pet hedgehog, and that Lon has a 13 year old son. But more than that I love romance novels that involve the kids bringing people together, and in an odd way I felt like Lon’s son helped down that. I also liked seeing a father with full custody of a son in the novel. Now, since Lon has a 13 year old son it’s safe to assume he’s a little older than Candy… there’s also a paranormal element that keeps him from aging (which I won’t give away but I LOVED) and I thought the author did a good job with the age difference. It wasn’t  a major issue, but it did leave both characters wondering.
Speaking of loved… I loved the way the author did demons in this book. They play a huge role and they are done beautifully! There is so much detail and thought put into them it was… honestly just great.
Since this is a romance it is safe to say there is an “I love you” or something along the lines of one. So let’s talk about that… because (you guessed it) I loved it. I won’t give too much away but there is a bit of a fight scene. I love fight scene I love you’s! They always make me laugh and this one was no exception.


This book got a 5 star review because I could not put it down for the life of me, and on top of that I wanted to read more. As soon as I finished this book I put the second one on hold at my library. It let me gratified. It didn’t drag out too long or end too soon. It was action packed and I felt like it was a really good beginning to a series.

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