Love on the Malecon by Aubrey Parr

Love on the Malecon by Aubrey Parr 

Publisher: Self published

Length: 248

In the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta, there is a magical oceanfront promenade known as the Malecon. As a tribute to her father’s life, Nicole James travels to his favorite place on Earth. On the cobblestone streets of charming Puerto Vallarta, she meets Derek, an ex-MMA fighter who invested his winnings into land for luxury hotels. Derek is fabulously wealthy, aging like fine wine, and lives on resorts like an endless vacation. Could her father have orchestrated this chance meeting with Mr. Right from beyond the grave?Derek Stone never thought a woman would fit into the world he created, until Nicole came along. 


Derek was surprised that he had let Nicole out of his sight that night or the next day. They had continued to talk most of the first afternoon. At one point, they moved from the bar to the pool. They leaned back on lounge chairs, sharing another bucket of beer and talking about everything from movies to card games they liked to play. Derek couldn’t remember the last time a woman had made him feel this way. There were so many times he’d be watching her as they talked, the way her dress hung over her thighs, and it took everything in him not to reach his hand over, slide it up between her legs and pleasure her until she called out his name. He could see glimpses of the little black bikini she was wearing under her dress and, God, he wished for the chance to rip it off her body.

They watched the sun sink into the ocean and Nicole looked so at peace in that moment. When she told him that she was going upstairs because she had been up so early that morning, he could see that she was genuinely tired. Ordinarily, he may have asked a woman to stay for one more drink, but something was different about Nicole. He wanted her to be happy. He wanted to protect her. If that meant she got a good night’s sleep and he tossed and turned while she haunted his dreams, so be it.

That was exactly what happened. He could not get her out of his head. What little sleep he did get was filled with dreams of her in his bed. That part was nice but restless. He spent most of the night pacing the floors, grabbing at his head in an attempt to physically pull her out of it. Nothing was working. At least her trip was twice as long as the usual Vallarta vacation. Though he was happy to have the two weeks, he knew he was going to want more. Already he couldn’t get enough of this girl and they had only spent a few hours together.

He didn’t know what to think of the Maybe Boyfriend back home. He preferred the women he saw to be single but he wasn’t a saint. He knew there had been boyfriends at home from time to time, though he drew the line at husbands. Yet the thought of another man touching Nicole infuriated him. The fact that they shared a bed together every night before this was more than he could handle. He couldn’t imagine what man would ever let that woman get on an airplane without knowing where she was going. Why hadn’t the Maybe Boyfriend come with her? Whatever the reason, Derek intended to dig deeper into the matter.

He made it through the entire next day by visiting the Samba Hotel in Nuevo Vallarta. He needed to get some distance, a bit of a distraction. But by the next morning, he was pacing his apartment at the Paraíso, trying to decide the best course of action. Getting on his plane and flying to his furthest property was probably the smartest decision. But he knew damn well it wasn’t the one he’d choose.

Going for a run wasn’t an option either. He had already gotten up at a ridiculous hour and run a few miles along the beach. He knew he wasn’t about to lose a second of time with this woman, so working was the best way to try and take his mind off of her. She had promised him dinner on the Malecon that night, so he just needed to get through the day. He probably should have spent the night at the Samba. He could have come back just before dinner.

He wasn’t keen on the idea of working in the Playa Vallarta lobby bar. He didn’t want to come across like a stalker if he saw Nicole; she knew he wasn’t staying there. Plus, he was sure he’d get an earful from Silvia the next time he saw her. He cared even less what she thought now but he didn’t want her bringing him down off his high from Nicole.

So where to work? Maybe he’d just hole up in his apartment until it was time to pick her up in the lobby. He still hadn’t decided when his cell phone rang.

Hello?” he snapped.

It was Gael, his right hand man. Gael wasn’t what one would call an assistant but he was an employee. Derek had met him in his first few years in the business. Originally from Mexico, he had gone to college in the States. Gael was extremely versed in the real estate and land laws in Mexico and was doing random contract work for other hotels when Derek convinced him to work exclusively for him. He became indispensable to Derek and not a day went by when they weren’t discussing some sort of business opportunity.

Now Gael was checking in to see if he’d finished his research into their latest plan. Of course he hadn’t. Nicole’s arrival in Vallarta had changed everything. Derek let him know that he had set aside the better part of the day to make a final decision. Hearing Gael’s voice helped him get his mind back on track.

Derek really loved this part of his job- using his gut instinct to decide which property was going to be most the successful and ultimately most lucrative. He opened his email and browser and began looking into the company’s vision for their expansion into the United States. They had been extremely successful in Mexico and now comfortable enough to branch out, but where? That’s where Derek came into the picture. This was where he had a sixth sense for these things. It’s not like he threw darts at a map. He did serious research and visited the area’s sites beforehand. And his choices never seemed to fail.



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